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No-one wants to pay unnecessary tax yet the legislation is minefield with rules and regulations that grow in complexity with every passing year.  Our tax experts can navigate this maze on your behalf at every stage of your personal and professional life from setting up a new business to selling up, passing your business and assets onto your children or perhaps even retiring to a sunnier clime abroad.

For many clients we recommend a pre-year end meeting to develop a plan to minimise their tax bill in the light of events of that year.  We also help clients integrate tax considerations into their plans when they start a new business or dispose of major assets.

Tax planning:

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We calculate your business taxes including Corporation Tax thereby avoiding unpleasant surprises.  In many cases we will have worked with you well in advance of any tax being due to ensure that the liability is minimised and delayed legitimately as long as possible.

Business taxes:

We advise many private individuals on their tax including tradesmen, doctors, company directors and many others.  In some cases this is through personal service companies, in others through partnerships but whatever the context we are there to help.  We also advise on Inheritance Tax and setting up family trusts when necessary.  

Private tax:

Whether you are a foreign national working in the UK or a UK citizen planning to move permanently or temporarily abroad we can advise you on how to avoid paying unnecessary tax.

Foreign nationals:  

HM Revenue & Customs has the power to investigate income tax payers at random.  We have an excellent track record in defending our clients and can arrange insurance to cover you against the costs of professional representation which can be considerable even if the taxpayer has done absolutely nothing wrong.

Tax investigations:  

In recent years HM Revenue & Customs has introduced increasingly severe penalties for missing filing and payments deadlines.  Our administrative systems provide a vital backup that helps you avoid these expensive pitfalls.

Tax administration:

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