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Company audits

Published annual accounts have to comply with very detailed audit regulations and reporting requirements so that an audit can be very time-consuming.  We ensure that all reporting requirements are met so that shareholders, banks and even HM Revenue & Customs are kept satisfied.  However, we aim to go beyond the statutory requirements and to use the opportunity to work with you to improve your firm’s financial health and, where necessary, to integrate some tax advice into your business plans.

Many charities are required by statute to have an annual audit and, although not profit-making, they too can often benefit from sound business advice.  As always, we aim to go beyond the legal requirements and give financial support and advice that adds real value wherever we can.

Charity Audits

  • Reports for ABTA

  • DfE school reports

  • Grant claim reports

Specialist audits: We can also perform specialist audits when required such as:

For help and advice with specific audits, call

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Larger companies, many charities, schools and some other organisations are required by law to have an annual audit undertaken by a firm of audit registered accountants. We are Registered Auditors and have the experience to navigate the thicket of official regulations that surrounds audits thereby reducing the burden on you.